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Enjoy seamless streaming, free from technical headaches. We optimize encoder settings, integrate overlays effortlessly, and filter chat effectively, so you can focus on what matters most – engaging content and building a loyal community.

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A professional stream setup service is a comprehensive solution that sets up and optimizes all aspects of your stream for highest quality and performance. This includes configuring OBS, creating custom scenes, integrating overlays, setting up alerts, chatbots, and Twitch settings.

A professional stream setup service covers the following aspects:

  1. OBS/Streamlabs Encoder Settings: Optimized encoder settings for streaming and recording based on your upload speed and PC specifications, ensuring the highest quality stream possible.

  2. Overlay and Scene Setup: Seamless integration of custom overlays into OBS or Streamlabs for a professional-looking stream.

  3. Alerts Setup: Alerts setup for latest interactions to engage your audience and encourage growth.

  4. Chatbot Setup: A customized chatbot to moderate chat, play games, and enhance the viewer experience.

  5. Twitch Settings Setup: Expert configuration of your Twitch settings, including moderation, channel and partner preferences.

  6. Multistreaming Setup: Configuration of multistreaming to reach a broader audience across multiple platforms.

  7. Advanced Chat Filtering: Customized chat filtering to allow sub perks and promote growth.

  8. Third-Party Emotes and Panels Setup: Integration of third-party emotes and panels to enhance your stream’s interactivity and visuals.

  9. Lighting Setup: Expert setup of lighting for your stream, including softbox lights, ring lights, and more, to create a professional-looking environment.

  10. Green Screen Setup: Customized green screen setup for chroma keying, allowing for smooth and seamless background removal.

  11. DSLR or Webcam Setup: Configuration of your DSLR camera or webcam for high-quality video, including lens selection, focus, and exposure settings.

  12. Video Filtering: Customized video filtering, including contrast, saturation, and color correction, to enhance the visual appeal of your stream.

The “extras” in our stream setup service are designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow. Here’s what we offer beyond the standard setup:

  1. Discord Server Setup

    Get your community started with a professionally set up Discord server! Our Discord Server Setup service includes:

    • Custom server creation with a unique name icon
    • Channel organization and categorization for easy navigation
    • Role creation and permission configuration for moderators and members
    • Synched emoji to your twitch channel setup to enhance community engagement
    • Welcome message and rules configuration for a smooth onboarding experience

By incorporating these extras, we aim to provide a comprehensive service that not only meets but exceeds your requirements, ensuring your content looks as professional as possible.

Scheduling for our audio setup services is designed to be flexible and convenient for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial Consultation: Upon ordering, we’ll have a brief discussion to understand your specific audio needs, preferences, and goals. This helps us tailor the service to your requirements.

  2. Booking a Time Slot: You can choose a time slot that fits your schedule via a online scheduling website. We’ll confirm the booking and provide you with all the necessary details.

  3. Remote Service:  Our service is conducted remotely via online conferencing tools like Discord or Google Meet. For remote sessions, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to share your screen via a remote support software.

  4. Execution and Training: During the scheduled time, we’ll carry out the audio setup and configuration. We’ll also provide you with personalized training to manage your audio system effectively, ensuring you’re confident in operating and maintaining your setup.

Follow-Up and Support: After the setup, we’ll address any questions or concerns you may have. Ongoing support is also available to assist with any issues or updates that may arise in the future.

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