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AI—trained noise suppression

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Dynamic equalization

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Algorithmic de-essing

Smooth out sharpness for a smoother and more pleasant listening experience

Mastering compression

Make your voice dynamic, engaging and crystal-clear with compression

Reach more people with a warm and clear voice

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A professional microphone and audio setup service is a customized solution designed specifically for content creators, streamers, and teams who demand high-quality audio for their online content. Our expert technicians will help you optimize your audio setup to ensure your voice sounds professional, clear, and engaging to your audience.

With our professional microphone and audio setup service, you can expect:

  • Expert selection and calibration of the right microphone and audio equipment for your specific streaming or recording needs
  • Customized setup and configuration of your audio gear to minimize echo, feedback, and background noise
  • Optimization of your recording space to reduce reverberation and ensure crisp, clear audio
  • Personalized guidance on microphone techniques, recording best practices, and audio editing tips to elevate your content
  • Ongoing support to ensure your audio setup continues to meet your evolving needs

Our goal is to help you focus on what matters most – creating engaging content that resonates with your audience – while we handle the technical aspects of your audio setup. Whether you’re a solo streamer, a team of content creators, or a growing media organization, our professional microphone and audio setup service is designed to help you sound your best and take your online presence to the next level.

A professional stream setup service covers the following aspects:

  1. Noise suppression: Detecting and filtering out the unwanted background noise and enhancing the clarity and tonality of the signal using AI-trained algorithm.
  2. Noise gating: Detecting and suppressing audio below a certain threshold, making it ideal for removing keyboard and mouse click sounds.
  3. Equalization: Adjusting the audio output to enhance the frequency response and boost the clarity and tonality of the signal.
  4. De-essing: Removing unwanted harmonics and unwanted noise from the microphone output.
  5. AI-trained noise suppression: Utilizing advanced technology to reduce external noise in real-time.
  6. Compression: Adjusting the audio output to ensure that it does not distort or clipping.
  7. Limiter: A limiter prevents distortion or clipping of the audio output. It functions by limiting the amplitude of the audio output to a safe level, making it ideal for recording or performance.

A professional audio setup covers:

  1. Audio interface: The setup and configuration of your audio interface software focusing on ease of use and highest quality.

  2. System-wide audio routing: If supported or chosen as an extra, your audio will be routed to dedicated audio channels. This includes chat or communiations, game or system, music, and alerts.

  3. Streaming software integration: Audio is seamlessly imported into your chosen streaming software, whether you prefer OBS or Streamlabs. Depending on chosen extras we will set up split audio track recording for easy post-processing, and mute music from the Twitch VOD track.

Yes, the standard package covers both microphone and audio setup.

The “extras” in our audio setup service are designed to enhance your audio experience and streamline your workflow. Here’s what we offer beyond the standard setup:

  1. Dual PC Audio Routing: Our service offers expert setup for dual PC configurations, ensuring smooth audio flow from your gaming PC to the streaming PC. We also configure your streaming PC to send alerts and notifications back to your gaming PC, allowing you to stay fully immersed in your game while still being able to hear important updates from your stream.

  2. Muting Music in Twitch VOD Tracks: For content creators who stream with music, our service includes the feature to easily mute the music tracks in your Twitch VODs post-stream, adhering to copyright regulations while maintaining a rich livestream for your audience.

  3. Microphone Recommendations: We don’t just set up your microphone; we also provide personalized recommendations to ensure you have the best equipment for your specific needs. Whether you’re recording in a home studio or broadcasting live, we’ll help you find the perfect mic to capture your voice with clarity and character.

  4. Split Audio Track Recording: We can configure your streaming software to record your audio tracks separately, which is invaluable for post-processing. This allows you to edit each track independently, ensuring pristine audio quality and easy sound adjustments.

By incorporating these extras, we aim to provide a comprehensive service that not only meets but exceeds your audio requirements, ensuring your content sounds as professional as possible.

Scheduling for our audio setup services is designed to be flexible and convenient for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial Consultation: Upon ordering, we’ll have a brief discussion to understand your specific audio needs, preferences, and goals. This helps us tailor the service to your requirements.

  2. Booking a Time Slot: You can choose a time slot that fits your schedule via a online scheduling website. We’ll confirm the booking and provide you with all the necessary details.

  3. Remote Service:  Our service is conducted remotely via online conferencing tools like Discord or Google Meet. For remote sessions, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to share your screen via a remote support software.

  4. Execution and Training: During the scheduled time, we’ll carry out the audio setup and configuration. We’ll also provide you with personalized training to manage your audio system effectively, ensuring you’re confident in operating and maintaining your setup.

Follow-Up and Support: After the setup, we’ll address any questions or concerns you may have. Ongoing support is also available to assist with any issues or updates that may arise in the future.

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